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Grilled Corn and Olive Salad

More and more chefs are using wood-fired ovens and open grills to add deep flavor to their dishes. And it's not just for meats! We are seeing a variety of vegetables given this high-heat, flavor-intensive treatment. So with summer's bounty in full force, we were inspired to make a Grilled Corn and Olive Salad in the Olinda kitchen. This [...]

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Fennel and Orange Roasted Bistro Blend Olives

Most people tend to think of whole olives as a cold appetizer, served on an antipasto or deli platter. But many of our chefs actually serve our Bistro Blend Olives as a warm starter on their menus.  The roasted olives soften and mellow, picking up the flavors of any accompanying ingredients. Inspired by our customer's creativity, [...]

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Three Ways to use Jumbo Bar Olives in your Kitchen

Perfect for stuffing, our Jumbo Bar Olives are equally at home in the kitchen and on the bar. Our Juicy Jumbo Bar Olives are one of our most popular sellers. And while they are great for garnishing a Martini or Bloody Mary, they are also a versatile addition to your restaurant inventory. We’d like to [...]

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Roasted Fish with Chipotle Tapenade

As an olive grower, it's a given that we love tapenade. But we don't just make the same version over and over again. We like to mix it up using a variety of our olives and adding in unexpected hits of flavor. You can adjust the tastes by adding different herbs, spices and condiments to [...]

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Italian Seven Layer Dip

Seven layer dip is always a fan favorite for Super Bowl parties. But instead of guacamole and salsa, we thought it would be fun to mix it up with some Italian flavors for 2017.  By altering the traditional Mexican layers, we developed this delicious Italian version in the Olinda kitchen. We had a lot of fun coming up with [...]

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Joey’s on the Road: Cure Camp 2017

"Waste not, want not." It's a fitting phrase to describe Cure Camp, a two-day, interactive learning experience for Chefs focused on whole-animal butchery. Led by Chefs Michael Sullivan and Marco Pauvert, this immersive event guides chefs through the key components of using every part of the animal for taste and profit. Olinda was a sponsor this [...]

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A Great Year at Olinda

Thank you to all our customers for another great year at Olinda. When we look back at 2016, we can't help but be grateful for all the delicious experiences that came our way. One of the best parts of our business is tasting all the new ways Chefs use our olives and olive oil. Several [...]

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Black Olive and Feta Pinwheels

Puff pastry is a holiday short-cut staple in our kitchen.  Keep a box tucked in your freezer for an easy way to top a pot pie, whip up a fast quiche crust or to serve homemade pastries. For a salty party snack, we love serving these tangy Black Olive and Feta Pinwheels. Our Sun-dried Black Olives combine with [...]

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Olive Oil Pie Crust

Great chefs don't take shortcuts - even the pie crusts are created from scratch. So this year for Thanksgiving, follow their example and make your pie crusts at home. There's no need to purchase store-bought crusts when you can easily make your own heart-healthy pie crust with Olinda Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This crust is delicious in [...]

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Pecan Olive Oil Cakes

Olive oil isn't just for savory dishes - it's also great in dessert! These Pecan Cardamom Olive Oil Cakes from Chef Renee Beaulieu are a delicious example. She wowed us with this dish during the Competition Dining Series in Raleigh, NC. She not only used our Olinda in the olive oil cakes and ice cream but she also used [...]

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