Three Ways to use Jumbo Bar Olives in your Kitchen

Perfect for stuffing, our Jumbo Bar Olives are equally at home in the kitchen and on the bar.

Our Juicy Jumbo Bar Olives are one of our most popular sellers. And while they are great for garnishing a Martini or Bloody Mary, they are also a versatile addition to your restaurant inventory. We’d like to share with you three ways to maximize these crunchy powerhouses. You can add value for your customers while increasing your profitability.

Mozzarella Stuffed Olive Arancini

Olinda Olive Blog Jumbo Bar Olive Stuffed Arancini Chef Recipe

Arancini are always a hit on the menu. Who can resist a cheesy, crispy and savory rice appetizer? We like to bump up the flavor by tucking in a briny, mozzarella stuffed Jumbo Bar olive before frying. It’s an easy way to add value to low-cost ingredients.

Antipasto Stuffed Mixed Olive Appetizer

Olinda Olive Blog Jumbo Bar Olive Antipasto Stuffed Chef Recipe

Olives are a great way to diversify your appetizer menu. They are a welcome addition for those customers seeking gluten-free, dairy-free or carb-free options to whet their appetite. And while we love whole olives, like our Bistro Blend, it’s also nice to offer a pit-free version. We’ve bumped up the flavor on our Jumbo Bar olives by stuffing with antipasto favorites. Feta, proscuitto and sun-dried tomatoes are a great place to start.

Rosemary Blue Cheese Martini Garnish

An elegant garnish on your signature martini creates more value in the classic drink. Blue cheese and rosemary are natural partners. By using the rosemary stems as a skewer, you infuse the cocktail with flavor and style.

How do you feature our Jumbo Bar Olives?

These are just a few chef-inspired ways to use our Jumbo Bar Olives in the Olinda kitchen. We’d love to hear about how you’ve utilized one of our signature products. Let us know in the comments or tag us in your dishes on social media. You can find us on Instagram or Facebook.

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